FHS student attends JAG Legislative Day

Fernley High School student Priscilla Winningham with Governor Steve Sisolak.

Courtesy Erika Garcia, Lyon County School District

On Wednesday, March 20, the 47 JAG (Jobs for America’s Graduates) programs from around Nevada were able to send one student to take part in a day at the capitol.

Priscilla Winningham was chosen to attend from Fernley High School.

The students had a busy day with a full schedule. They were able to sit on the floor in the Senate and Assembly with their respective senators and assembly person. Priscilla sat with Senator James Settlemeyer. They were introduced on the floor and were able to witness firsthand a congressional session.


Students were also able to meet with a Supreme Court Judge and his clerks in the courtroom. The day ended with the governor. Students were able to share their story of how the JAG program is and has helped them. The governor then shared some thoughts with the students. Governor Sisolak asked them to remember two words, believe and choice. He wanted the students to remember that they need to believe in themselves and the choice for success is theirs to make.

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