Fernley Students and STEM Council tour TESLA

Joseph Maino, The Fernley Reporter

The 2017 Fernley STEM Festival and Science Fair at the Fernley High School had student posters and exhibits. It also had a special challenge, the “Road to STEM Careers,” which showcased the Hardie Lane construction project. Students had to visit the STEM Festival exhibitors and discover how many STEM careers were involved in the execution of paving Hardie Lane and discussed the training/education that was required. Students who participated in the challenged were awarded a special prize – a tour of the TESLA Gigafactory.

STEM Chairwoman, Tammy Roseberry says, “Science is the background of all life. When you do a project you learn more and more of how the world works.” Students from East Valley Elementary School, Fernley Elementary School, Fernley Intermediate School, Silverland School and STEM Council members had a personal tour of the TESLA Gigafactory. The students observed how the batteries were made, how TESLA employees contribute to the success of the company and learned about TESLA’s Powerwall (home battery) and electric cars.

Capping off the tour, the students enjoyed salad and pizza at Round Table Pizza restaurant.

STEM Chairwoman Tammy Roseberry and students look at the Gigafactory model.

Students: Elizabeth Nolan-Masterson, Kyleigh Ann Behrendt, Nate Mauk, John Brockmann, Peter Knodell, William Reining, Ellie Bassett, Brynleigh Tannehill, Bella Jurich, Liam Clewell
STEM Council: Tammy Roseberry, Tammy Dittman, Forrest Beitz, Joe Maino
Teacher: Dave Perry
Open Gate Foundation: Carolynn Ross, Jimmy Ross
Getting ready to eat pizza.
Student enjoys his pizza!
“How many pieces of pizza can I have?”

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