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Fernley resident asks city, county to enforce mask requirement

Robert Perea, The Fernley Reporter

As the number of COVID-19 cases and hospitalizations increase statewide and Gov. Steve Sisolak is considering expanding requirements to wear a mask while in public, one Fernley resident has filed numerous complaints with the City of Fernley, county and state agencies and OSHA about local businesses that are refusing to require employees to wear masks.

The governor’s initial orders for the state’s phased-in business reopening requires employees who interact with the public to wear masks, and he has strongly urged members of the public to wear facial coverings when possible.

“As the State evaluates the latest COVID data here and around the country, I am asking the Medical Advisory Team to evaluate potential options for enhanced face covering policies and to provide any recommendations for consideration to strengthen our response to this pandemic,” the governor tweeted on Friday.


That directive designates OSHA as the agency responsible for enforcing the order.

Gary Smith, a Fernley resident, began a personal campaign in early June to try to prompt local and state agencies to enforce the directive requiring businesses to require employees to wear masks.

“You would not believe the pushback I’ve gotten, even though we’re under an emergency directive,” Smith said. “It’s amazing how reluctant anyone is to do anything about it.”

Smith initially complained to the city of Fernley, asking for the city to send a code enforcement officer to visit noncompliant businesses to enforce the code, Smith also said he spoke to Lyon County manager Jeff Page, a Lyon County Sheriff’s lieutenant, and District Attorney Steve Rye, to no avail.

Fernley City Manager Daphne Hooper said the city clerk’s office and code enforcement are working with local businesses to remind them of the Governor’s directive and CDC guidelines.

“It really is a gentle nudge,” Hooper said.

City clerk Kim Swanson said her office called the businesses Smith complained about to make sure they are complying with the governor’s directive.

“The directive says the enforcement agency is OSHA,” Swanson said. “If we continue to receive complaints we will refer it to OSHA.”

Meanwhile, Smith said he was kicked out of one local business for insisting the owner require employees to wear masks, and at another, he said a large manager spoke to him in an intimidating manner.

Smith submitted a letter to the Fernley City Council, which was read into the record by Mayor Roy Edgington at the council’s June 3 meeting, requesting that the council take action through code enforcement to bring all Fernley businesses into compliance. He also made a similar presentation to the Lyon County Commission on June 4.

“I hope somehow these people can be held responsible for their lack of action,” Smith said. “I just want them to follow the law.”

21 thoughts on “Fernley resident asks city, county to enforce mask requirement

  • Tracie Davis

    Sorry, but a requirement is NOT a law. You have issues with it Gary, your problem, not everyone else’s.

    • Why doesn’t Gray have a problem with protesters not wearing a mask?
      We are still a free nation Gary,
      We still have a constitution and a bill of rights.
      You act like a victim when you are confronted for telling other people what to do.
      Grow up dude take care of yourself and leave the rest of us to live life like we want.

      • kathryn silva

        I never comment but masks also give those with preexisting ,copd ,asthma it causes attacks literally I have watched after long term ware .I dont have I know people who do and have witnessed this ! but I myself am very uncomfartable but I do ware it i hate it and they are very hot . but i see no reason to come at this city council who have given us a 4th july to celebrate fernley it self is not even a threat and we are lucky we are healthy and we are all doing are best we had to suffer while it was lasvegas and reno and carson there 98 cases in fernley i dont know one who has had it! or anyone that knows anyone who has had it. but I know the city council is following govenors directive . thank you city council ah and the mayor

      • It’s a free country. If you want to stay at home scared and wear your mask, go ahead. If you don’t want to live in fear & run around without a mask, go ahead.

        As for myself, I won’t support any business that requires me to wear a mask, nor will I wear one just to make YOU feel better.

    • You know if you wear a mask you cannot legally carry a firearm. That’s what they want. It’s not about Covid any longer. It’s about control!! They want to see who conforms and who doesn’t.

      • This has been proven not true.
        Please call lcso if you need to confirm .

    • Wear a mask, don’t wear a mask, it’s your choice. Perhaps this Gary guy has to much time on his hands. Here’s a solution, patronize business that you agree with and leave the others alone. I don’t wear a mask and nobody is going to make me do so. If a particular business requires it, then either I’ll put one on while I’m inside or decide not to patronize that particular business. Pretty simple…

  • Concerned

    The complaints are true. Not every business is complying with the the Govenors Directive. Not only that but the people in fernley dont seem to give a …….about the well being of others. I go shopping and nobody but very few are wearing masks. My son works for walmart and I’m afraid for him. I’m continuously reminding my friends to wear masks just so other people might get the idea that maybe it still isn’t safe to be without. People just dont care. They think they are invincible. I think it should be inforced. With penalties.pp

    • Still our bodies our choice!
      Your choice is to wear a mask, then by all means wear a mask. Do you have any idea what it’s like to wear one of them God forsaken things for 8 hours straight? While running around doing your ain’t very pleasant. So by all means make it to where EVERYONE HAS TO 😠😠😠

    • I want you to loom up science journels or other publications, hell read the safty warning on a box of mask ” DOES NOT PROTECT AGAINST COVID-19 ” do you k kw what would protect against such a virus. A military protective mask, one that is rated for NBC ( by the way that means nuclear, biolagocal and chemical ). People get your heada out of the sand, yes maintain safe distancing but do not become SHEEPLE.

  • K. Greene

    Gary Smith – your fear is not a virtue! Wear YOUR mask and leave the rest of us alone, ok Karen??? Sheesh.

  • Juanita Cox

    Cases are not Necessarily deadly. The death rate is under 1% so I have a 99+% chance of survival without wearing a mask. New studies and treatments for the bacteria are coming forward daily! If it were a virus, masks do nothing but stop YOUR OXYGEN flow and new studies show that it only takes about FOUR breaths in a mask 😷 to interfere with your immune system. If this guy believes in masks he can wear them and feel safe. If he objects to a place of business etc. who aren’t masking, he does not need to shop there. That’s what I do if I am forced to wear a mask–I leave!

    • The virus will completely stop your oxygen supply…. if you want to put yourself on the line then by all means don’t wear a mask.

  • Dave Wood

    If you don’t like them not wearing a mask then don’t do business there go somewhere else it’s that simple

  • This comment was rejected for the use of profanity.

  • Marnie Halbritter

    If you want to wear a mask. Wear it. DONT SPEAK FOR ALL OF US!!!

  • I hate the freaking mask.. is not surviving!!

  • Wearing masks not only protects the person wearing the mask, but others as well. It seems only when it effects of the virus hit home and its too late, will people understand. Shouldn’t have to be a law, for people to have common sense.


      Says who? Your beloved government?

  • Wow Fernley!
    People are dying in Lyon County. There have been at least 2 deaths in 89408 area code and hundreds infected. Masks protect others from your spit. If someone else wears a mask you may not get sprayed by their germs. Stay 6 feet away. Wash your hands often.
    Unless you just want to be oblivious, lots of info is available about how 1/3 to 1/2 of us can be silent carriers. It kills babies, young people and old people. If that doesn’t apply to you then you can just ignore covid.

  • IMHO the Covid virus issue is for the most part a smoke screen for an already failing economy (Debt levels are beyond astronomical and the Federal reserve has been propping up banks since last fall). That said, Sure we do have a public health issue BUT if you look at real published numbers, unless you are already health compromised you probably will just get a nasty flu (we have suffered through much more deadly pandemics in the past without these extreme measures and survived). With that in mind, be a good citizen, don’t cough on your neighbor and go about your life. To force people to do things that are truly not necessary is IMO unconstitutional. I agree with most of the posters here. If you don’t like the way someone does business, don’t buy their goods or services. Gary You sound like a serious whiner that, were you to come to my business, I might throw you out as well (as a privately owned business they still have the right to refuse service to anyone – even if they just don’t like you). Stay home and cower in fear if you want but let the rest of us live our lives as we please.


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