Fernley Fair Share Committee launches campaign to support Fernley advisory question

The Fernley Reporter

The Fernley Fair Share committee today launched The Good, The Bad and The Ugly campaign encouraging the citizens of Fernley to vote YES on the Fernley Advisory Question.

The Fernley Advisory Question is asking the citizens of Fernley whether or not they support the city government approaching the 2017 Nevada Legislature to find a revenue solution to the ongoing consolidated tax shortfall that prohibits the City from delivering appropriate services.

In 2015, Lyon County received $15 million in consolidated taxes. Of that $15 million, the City of Fernley only received $148,000. The Fernley Fair Share committee believes that the citizens of Fernley are worth more than $7 per citizen and should vote YES to ensure a brighter and better future for the community.


“The City of Fernley and the services provided to its citizens cannot continue to operate on the current shoestring budget. We strongly encourage citizens to take a step towards finding a revenue solution to fund improvements, maintenance or enhancements to our streets, parks, and public safety,” said Kelly Brye, Fernley business owner
and Fernley Fair Share committee member. “If passed, the Fernley Fair Share committee, a group of private citizens, will work with the City of Fernley government to ensure that the revenue raised is minimal to the Fernley taxpayer.”

Fernley citizens can learn more by going to

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