County’s Rawe Peak transmission site loses power

Provided by Lyon County

The Rawe Peak transmission site, part of the transmission network for the Lyon County Dispatch Center, lost commercial power early this morning and the auxiliary generator is not providing the necessary backup power. The system is currently working from battery power.

Rawe Peak is the high point at the north end of the Pine Nut Mountains and overlooks the Carson River east of Dayton and the Walker River in Mason Valley.

The Rawe Peak site provides radio communications for much of central Lyon County and for part of Storey County’s communications. There is a strong possibility the equipment will shut down before crews can reach the location for repairs. The dispatch center has put a contingency plan in effect to ensure first responder communications are not disrupted.


Early efforts to get a repair crew up to the site found the road impassable due to conditions in the aftermath of the recent storms. Lyon County has contracted an engineering company for dozer to help get a repair crew to the site. It is projected to take between 3 to 10 hours to reach the site, and begin repairs.

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