City of Fernley

City opens recruitment of new city manager


Robert Perea, The Fernley Reporter

The City of Fernley has begun recruitment for a new city manager.

The City posted the position on the City’s website, as well as local, regional and nationally renowned public administration association websites. The job posting closes Feb. 14.

“I am looking for someone to join my leadership team that shares the same values and goals that I do and who will continue to move the City forward in a great direction,” said Mayor Neal McIntyre. “I will take the appropriate time to find the person that is the best fit for our team and the residents of Fernley.


McIntyre said he recognizes the significance of selecting the right person for the job and that it is one of his most important responsibilities as mayor.

“Hiring a chief administrator is making an investment in our community, and I will approach the task methodically, one step at a time,” McIntyre said.

The City of Fernley is incorporated as a mayor-strong form of government, where the mayor is the chief executive officer and leads the city in all tasks. The city manager is an administrative-level position, under general direction of the mayor, and will assist the mayor as the chief of administration. The position is appointed by the mayor with the consent of the City Council and is classified as exempt and at-will.

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