City of Fernley

City of Fernley Parks Master Plan

On September 20, 2017 the Fernley City Council adopted the Parks Master Plan by unanimous vote.

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With the adoption of the Parks Master Plan document, staff believes the framework will be in place to serve the needs of the community while also improving the quality of life for residents.

The 2017 Fernley Parks Master Plan reflects the vision and goals of the City of Fernley and provides direction for the City’s decision-making over a planning horizon of 10 years. An evaluation of the City’s current offerings was required to identify the needs of Fernley’s growing population, to accommodate changing recreation trends and to ensure the City’s limited resources can be maximized and focused to provide a quality parks and trails system.

The primary purpose of this master plan update is to ensure the City’s fiscal resources are appropriately utilized and that parks, trails and open spaces meet the needs of the community and enhance the quality of life for residents. This plan also provides recommendations for funding, a list of improvements for short and long-term implementation, and a high-level review and recommendations for operations and maintenance.

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