City of Fernley, Lyon County team up with LCSO to buy new armored vehicle for sheriff’s office

City of Fernley officials pose with Lyon County Sheriff’s Office personnel in front of the new armored tactical vehicle the city helped Lyon County and the sheriff’s office purchase.

Robert Perea, The Fernley Reporter

The City of Fernley and Lyon County have teamed up with the Lyon County Sheriff’s Office to purchase a new tactical armored vehicle for the sheriff’s office.

The Sentinel ARV was purchased from International Armored Group in Florida. It will replace the current armored car being used by the Sheriff’s Office, a military surplus MRAP Cougar. The new vehicle is lighter, faster, and will be able to transport the entire Emergency Response Team to an incident. With the new vehicle comes advancements in technology that will add to the safety of team members and civilians that may become involved.

The Lyon County Sheriff’s Office would like to dedicate its new vehicle in memory of Deputy Sheriff George T Rice who was killed in the line of duty in 1984.

The sheriff’s office wants to dedicate the new tactical armored vehicle to deputy George Rice, who was killed in the line of duty in 1984.

4 thoughts on “City of Fernley, Lyon County team up with LCSO to buy new armored vehicle for sheriff’s office

  • John D

    Ahhh yes let’s continue the militarization of our law enforcement that’s a great idea. Why not instead use this money for the continued drought or towards better education?

    Worst allocation of county/city funds I’ve seen in a decade.

    • Dan Redding

      When was the last time the old unit was used ? Why not try funding a police dept ? Or Use the funding more hiring more officers ?more eyes on the street … Jst saying .

      • John Dough

        Why not trying funding a police department instead of education? Well Ed let us look at the statistics.

        Seeing as Lyon county is almost the top 25% of safest counties nation wide I’d say we’re pretty set on law enforcement. Our officers do a great job as is.

        Unfortunately though. Lyon county is well below the national average in all areas of study, I’d say that our schools and teachers are terribly under funded. We’re in the bottom 25% for some areas, which is quite concerning.

        We’re the most arid state in the US that’s been in a continued drought since 2000. So that should probably be properly addressed in more areas than Vegas.

        But if you have anything to show that further funding towards law enforcement would actually benefit our county please do show.

        Again this was the biggest waste of public funds in the last decade. We don’t need more LEO resources and further militarization of what’s existing. Our county is safe thanks to the good work our current officers do.

    • Eric andre

      What do they know that we do not???


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