City of Fernley

City issues scam alert

Fernley Residents Beware:
There is a scam happening in our area, the City Clerk’s office has received numerous complaints about an individual(s) calling local residents, falsely claiming to represent “Nevada Construction Services. “ This individual is stating they are calling “to inspect your home and property due to recent storm damage.” The individual will try to solicit money and a time to meet with the resident at their property. Do not give any information to this individual and hang up. However, should a person claiming to represent Nevada Construction Services show up to your property, you are advised to call 911, per the Lyon County Sheriff’s Office.

Please note: Nevada Construction Services is a reputable, legitimate business with offices in Las Vegas and Reno. They are aware of this scam, and they are adamant these calls are not coming from their business locations, nor their employees. Nevada Construction Services is a voucher control company, they do not perform construction services.

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