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City celebrates completion of Cottonwood Lane reconstruction

Mayor Neal McIntyre is surrounded by city officials and staff and a handful of residents as he cuts the ribbon to celebrate the completion of the Cottonwood Lane Reconstruction Project. (Robert Perea, The Fernley Reporter)

Robert Perea, The Fernley Reporter

City of Fernley officials and a handful of residents gathered last Thursday morning to celebrate the completion of the Cottonwood Lane Reconstruction Project with a ribbon cutting ceremony.

Mayor Neal McIntyre and city engineer Derek Starkey thanked all of the city employees who worked on the project over the last three years to get it completed.

Starkey said design of the project actually began in the fall of 2019, but was then put on hold during pandemic shutdowns. He said the city had to acquire about 15 different easements to get the work done, as well as permits from the Bureau of Reclamation, Nevada Department of Transportation and Nevada Department of Environmental Protection,


“Lots of hoops to jump through to get these things where they are,” Starkey said. “The construction part, it’s not easy but there’s a lot that leads up to it that’s a lot of coordination and cooperation that leads up to it.”

Starkey said the total construction cost was $5.1 million and actually came in slightly under budget.

The road was reconstructed from 95A to Farm District Road, along with sidewalk and utility improvements.

“It’s been a long time coming really happy to see that it’s complete now,” McIntyre said.

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