City begins preparations for potential flooding; sand and bags available at Out of Town Park

Robert Perea, The Fernley Reporter

The City of Fernley has begun making preparations for the potential flooding event forecast for this weekend.

The weather is predicted to get warmer and turn to heavy rain. The National Weather Service is predicting this will be an event similar to the 2005 flooding that occurred.

In preparation for the rain Sunday into Monday, the City will be providing residents with sand and bags at the Out of Town Park Rodeo Grounds, located at the corner of Highway 50 and Farm District Road. The area is lighted and the facility can serve as a large animal shelter for livestock if needed.


“At this time sand and bags are on a self-service basis,” City Manager Daphne Hooper said. “City staff will not be available to fill sand bags as we do not have the manpower to provide bagging services.”

This service will be available today at approximately 5 p.m. for residents that wish to come get them.

The City Public Works crews will be monitoring localized areas of flooding within public right of ways and drainage areas. Volunteers are appreciated if anyone is looking to assist local residents who think they may have any flood prone issues.

The City Manager will coordinate with Lyon County Emergency Management as required for additional resources, and will continue to actively monitor the situation. For more information, stay tuned to the City of Fernley’s webpage and Facebook page for updates on the situation.

One thought on “City begins preparations for potential flooding; sand and bags available at Out of Town Park

  • Cheryl Sidwell

    Can they be delivered to disabled/handicap people?


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