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Calvary Chapel Candidates Forum: Fernley Mayor’s Candidates

Each of the candidates for Fernley Mayor and the Fernley City Council were asked to rank this list of the city’s problems as priorities.

Robert Perea, The Fernley Reporter

Fernley mayoral candidates Roy Edgington, Tim Bickerton and Ryan Hanan each took the podium to answer a battery of questions during the Candidates Night forum hosted May 8 by Calvary Chapel.

Each candidate was asked to rank a list of seven problems the city faces, from their highest priority to the lowest, and offer some ideas about possible solutions.

Edgington, the incumbent mayor, identified planning and zoning as the top issues facing the city, saying the city is in the process of updating its master plan on land use, water and roads.


“Growth will be dictated by the market and by water,” Edgington said.

Hanan identified the city’s debt as the city’s top problem, saying it is the reason Fernley has been held back.

“We’re getting killed with debt, with bonds and with all these costs,” Hanan said. “Nineteen thousand, 500 people are being held hostage by what 60,000 should be paying. All of these are issues we can’t attack with 19,000 people.”

Bickerton said controlled growth is his highest priority of the items listed, but he said he is running for mayor because of a disconnect between residents and the city.

“It’s the understanding that I think we’re missing, he said.

Following are the recordings of each candidate from the forum, including the questions and answers.

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