April 1 deadline nearing for WNC Foundation Scholarships

Courtesy Steve Yingling, Western Nevada College

Prospective and current Western Nevada College students can improve their financial situation for attending Western in the future by applying for scholarships through WNC Foundation.

The deadline for students to fill out an application for scholarship consideration is Thursday, April 1.

“The application usually takes about 30 minutes to fill out and includes questions that help the scholarship committee determine which students qualify for each scholarship,” WNC Foundation Executive Director Niki Gladys said.


Many students have benefitted from the many scholarships that are available to them by filling out one application. Kaitlin Lucky, who said she wouldn’t have been available to attend WNC without scholarship help from the Foundation, advises all students to apply.

“I highly recommend everyone apply for scholarships,” said Lucky, who graduated from WNC and Gonzaga University and now works for the Nevada State Senate. “They help take a lot of stress off students because the student does not have to constantly worry about money for tuition, which allows them to focus a lot more time and energy on their education. The people who provide scholarships through the Foundation want to help students.”

More than $600,000 in scholarship funding is available for the 2021-22 academic year because of the generosity of donors and the Foundation’s various fundraising efforts.

The WNC Foundation 2021-22 scholarship application is available online at

For more information on applying for a scholarship or to start your own scholarship, contact the WNC Foundation at 775-445-3240.

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