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28th annual Fernley Junior Rodeo this weekend at Out of Town Park

Robert Perea, The Fernley Reporter

The 28th annual Fernley Junior Rodeo is being held this weekend, August 5 and 6, at the Out of Town Park.

The rodeo begins at 9 a.m. Saturday with pee wee mutton busting.

Events in the large arena include pee wee sheep riding, calf riding, chute dogging, steer daubing, steer stopping, girls team roping, boys team roping, girls sack roping, boys sack roping, barrel racing and family ribbon roping.


In the small arena events will be pole bending, girls figure 8, boys figure 8, girls run ride and lead; boys run ride and lead, girls breakaway roping, boys breakaway roping, calf roping, boys goat tying, girls goat tying and family run ride and lead,

Pee wee events in the park include dummy roping, goat undecorating and stick horse barrel racing.

Saddles will be presented to junior and intermediate winners, with all around buckles for seniors.

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