WNC’s open enrollment classes provide students flexible, self-paced model of instruction

Courtesy Steve Yingling, Western Nevada College

Western Nevada College recognizes that some students desire to work at their own pace when taking their courses. With open entry courses, students don’t need to start the semester when it officially begins.

For the current fall semester, students can enroll in open entry classes until the ninth week of the semester.

The flexible enrollment deadlines for open entry classes allow students to work at a pace that will ensure completion of coursework and assignments.


Among the open entry subjects that WNC currently offers are Applied Industrial Technology, Anthropology, Aviation, Construction Management, English, Environmental Science, Electronics Technology, Information Systems, Mathematics, Music, Recreation and Physical Education, Philosophy, Political Science and Psychology. For the classes offered in these areas and course descriptions, go to

To learn more about this class format, phone 775-445-3267.

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