Volunteers needed for Large Animal Technical Rescue

LRTC volunteer rescue technicians working with wild horses.

Least Resistance Training Concepts (LRTC) is the all-volunteer Technical Large Animal Rescue Team serving much of Nevada’s Virginia Range and surrounding counties. They regularly work in the Fernley area and are one of the non-profit organizations working to protect the public and the wild horses. LRTC comes in when actual physical rescue services, horse relocations and deceased horse removals are required. They are looking for additional volunteers now.

Their primary responsibilities are for technical large animal rescue, evacuations of large animals during major events and related public safety activities. They are looking for people who have an interest in animals, diverse challenges and being part of a skilled and well-coordinated team and providing an important public service.

The 2023 spring training and certification cycle is starting now. For more information check out  or contact

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