Letter to the Editor

To the Fernley Reporter:

While MAGA Republicans are popping the champagne corks over the imminent reversal of Roe vs. Wade, and the blow it delivers to women’s control over their own bodies, a little reality checking is in order. This is especially true for the many candidates who, if elected, will certainly begin the process of eliminating the protection of women’s reproductive rights currently found in Nevada State Law. They need to be asked, “Would you force your 14-year old daughter, or 14-year old granddaughter, or niece, or even a family friend to carry a pregnancy through to birth if that pregnancy was the result of rape or incest? Would you force them to spend months of their young lives risking their physical and mental health demonstrating to one and all the perpetrator of a heinous crime still controls their body? I would be interested to know the answer. If, in fact, any form of abortion is the equivalent of murder, then what should it matter how conception happened? Or maybe a 14-year old is entitled to her life, and to live free from even more pain and scarring than she has already endured. Or maybe the MAGA Republicans could set aside their sanctimonious political self-serving and let her decide.

Erich Obermayr

Chair, Comstock Democratic Club  


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