Holiday visitors advised to drive with caution in Wild Horse Country

Courtesy Larry Whitney, LRTC

During this upcoming holiday season Least Resistance Training Concepts (LRTC), this area’s all-volunteer large animal technical rescue team, wishes to remind everyone, living in Wild Horse Country and their holiday guests to drive with caution. At this time of year, nightfall comes early and wild horses and other livestock can be hard to see. Out-of-town holiday visitors may not be familiar with our area’s open range situation and wild horses and livestock can be encountered on many roadways. This can occur with little to no warning. Every year, LRTC responds to large animal vs vehicle collisions all around our North-western Nevada service area. At this time drivers in the south east portion of Reno should pay particular attention to this notice as the problem is most acute there.

When driving in Wild Horse Country, LRTC recommends:

  • Local residents, no matter where they live in Wild Horse Country should explain to their holiday guests the need to watch for wild horses on roadways. This is especially important on the perimeter of any open range.
  • Look for wild horse warning traffic signs along roadways.
  • Look for signs of wild horses in the area (i.e., Horse manure in roadway).
  • Reduce your speed, especially during the night.
  • Drive with care and stay alert!
  • If you are in an incident with a wild horse, dial 911 and then the Wild Horse Hotline at 775-352-3944.
  • When you see horses on a roadway, watch for law enforcement and volunteer responders. • Do not slow or stop in traffic lanes to sightsee. Move past the area safely and at a low speed. Call the Wild Horse Hotline 775-352-3944, when safe to do so, if horses are in a dangerous area.

LRTC responds when BLM, Tribal and State wild horses as well as open range domestic livestock pose a danger to the public or themselves. You can find out more about LRTC on Facebook under Least Resistance Training Concepts or make a donation at


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