Fernley Reporter Election Guide: State and County positions

For the upcoming general election, Robert Perea, publisher of The Fernley Reporter, and Cody Wagner, Chair of the Fernley Community Foundation, have teamed up to gather information from local candidates to help educate voters throughout our region. A series of prompts and questions were emailed to primary candidates through their email addresses listed with the Nevada Secretary of State. Responses were not edited for content, punctuation, or grammar. Candidates are listed by position, then alphabetically by last name. We will update this story as candidates submit their responses.

Lyon County Sheriff

Name: Frank Hunewill

1. Please provide a short biography and include anything voters might be able to use to research further (website, social media, etc.)


My name is Frank Hunewill and I am the current Sheriff of Lyon County. I have worked for the Lyon County Sheriff’s Office for the last 29 years the last four as the Sheriff. I was born and raised in Lyon County and currently live in Smith Valley. I graduated from Smith Valley High School and then from the University of Nevada in Reno. I am also a Captain on the Smith Valley Volunteer Fire Department. My wife and I also have a business in Yerington where she does drug and alcohol testing. If you have questions I can be reached I also have a social media page Hunewill for Sheriff 2022.

2. What are the key parts of your platform?

We need to continue to work on recruitment and retention. This has been challenging the last couple of years. We have a number of current open budgeted positions, some new and some pre-existing, that we have been very active in attempting to fill. With increased staffing levels we will be able to bring greater services to all of the communities we serve including the City of Fernley. We are currently working at standing up the Silver Springs Substation to be a standalone patrol area. On the retention piece we have to work with the county government to increase salaries. Overall the line level staff have done a phenomenal job with limited resource available.

3. What are your three biggest priorities if elected?

Continue to work with our partners in Law Enforcement (surrounding areas), City government and County government to bring the best services possible to the citizens of Lyon County. Stabilize the work force both sworn and non-sworn in order to be able to operate outside of the box. Be open minded and solicit new ideas both internally and from outside sources, we cannot fight this battle alone.

4. How do you believe growth will affect our region, specifically Fernley?

With continued growth comes increased demands for service on all sides of public service. Statistically speaking Lyon County as a whole is behind the curve on this issue. We are well below national averages in terms of staffing vs population growth. We as government officials need to work together to try and narrow that gap. The City of Fernley is the largest populated area in the County this goes hand in hand with the largest call volume for us as an agency. With increased growth comes increased crime.

5. What are your thoughts on Nevada’s property tax and sales tax/Consolidated Tax (C-TAX) collection and distribution system and how they affect Fernley?

There has been a lot of talk about taxes in general and how the revenue generated from taxes are spent in Lyon County and the City of Fernley. C-Tax is a big topic and important but I believe we need to start looking out past the tax concept. Lyon County is no longer a guaranteed County so a lot of the tax revenues we have gotten so used to being there are no longer going to come in our direction. As we develop more residential housing and less commercial development the sales tax piece is definitely going to play a role in the amount of money available to help close the gap I spoke about above. With increased residential development comes increased calls for public service both on the Law Enforcement and Fire Service. I am not against growth but the way I look at it is you have less of a return on your investment.

6. How do you see the future of our State, County, and City of Fernley evolving?

Specifically I do not see growth stopping in the City of Fernley or the County as a whole. So as leaders in this County we have to continue to develop new ways of thinking to deal with the demands that are going to come in our direction. We also have to work smarter and not harder at keeping some of the issues at bay that are affecting larger metropolitan areas throughout the state. There have been a lot of legislative initiatives that have gone into effect that have changed the way we do business. Some good and some bad. As citizens and leaders of our county and cities we need to get involved early, during the development stages of upcoming events to help develop positive outcomes. We owe it to ourselves and the people we represent to learn about the issues that are going to face us in the future. 

Name: Brad Pope

1. Please provide a short biography and include anything voters might be able to use to research further (website, social media, etc.)

I started my law enforcement career in 2002, at Ely State Prison. In 2005, I began as a patrol Deputy with the Lyon County Sheriff’s Office. In 2007, I was transferred to the Narcotics Division as a Detective. I promoted to the rank of Sergeant in 2009, and was transferred to the Jail. In 2010 I became the Supervisor in charge of the Narcotics Division, which I helped transition to the Special Investigations Unit. In 2019 I was transferred to the Patrol Division, where I have supervised in every area of the County. I have investigated every type of crime in Lyon County from petit larceny to homicide, in every corner of Lyon County.

When not working at the Sheriff’s Office, I am also the Head Football coach at Yerington High school. I have been named the regional and State of Nevada Coach of the Year on multiple Occasions.

My wife and I, raise our four children in Lyon County! Lyon County Safety is my top priority!

I obtained my Bachelor’s Degree, in Business Management in 2019 from Western Governor’s University. To learn more please visit or my Facebook page, Brad Pope for Lyon County Sheriff 2022.

2, What are the key parts of your platform?

Public Safety:

As your Sheriff, I will put the safety of the Citizens of Lyon County as my number one priority. You, the Citizen, have the right to feel safe driving on our highways, living in our neighborhoods, and raising your families in Lyon County. Suppressing the influx of illegal drugs that plague our communities, by aggressively targeting those that chose illegal drugs over our quality of life.

Reduce the crime rate:

The Lyon County Sheriff’s Office will reduce the crime rate by adopting a proactive, investigative mindset at every level. This mindset starts at the highest level of leadership within the Sheriff’s Office.

Delivery of Services:

As your Sheriff, I will reduce response times throughout Lyon County with a strategic restructuring of Department Personnel and of the Patrol Zones Deputies are responsible for patrolling. The strategic restructure will add Deputies to areas of the County that have been stripped of a law enforcement presence.

Fiscal Responsibility:

As a fiscal conservative, it is my duty as your elected Sheriff to be a good steward of your tax dollars. Utilizing your tax dollars in a responsible manner is a duty that I as your elected Sheriff do take seriously

3. What are your three biggest priorities if elected?

Restructuring the Lyon County Sheriff’s Office, will allow my leadership team to be placed throughout the County and not in a secluded hallway “leading” from a desk. The restructure plan also places Deputies in the Silver Springs area, which has been void of a Patrol Squad, causing Fernley Patrol Deputies to leave the Fernley area to respond to calls. This vacuum has sucked the law enforcement presence out of every patrol area. The current administration removed the presence of Deputies from this area.

Suppress the abundance of illegal drugs, and property crimes that are overwhelming the Patrol Division of Lyon County. This is possible with a refocused Special Investigations Unit, and a patrol Division that adopts an investigative mindset. The investigative mindset needs to begin at the highest level of Sheriff’s Office leadership. Property theft and Illegal drugs are linked, arrests in both categories will rise, leading to a safer Lyon County.

Return the Lyon County Sheriff’s Office to the forefront of leadership within the County. A lack of communication and transparency with the public has created an information and intelligence gap that needs to be repaired immediately. Community trust and involvement is imperative to any law enforcement agency.

4. How do you believe growth will affect our region, specifically Fernley?

From law enforcement’s perspective growth in the Fernley area has led to many challenges. Firstly, the amount of Deputies utilized to provide services to this growing community is extremely low for the population. Fernley as a whole has been neglected from a law enforcement perspective. The Lyon County Sheriff’s administration can no longer afford to neglect its largest and fastest growing population center.

New housing developments, new industrial centers, warehousing and retail business have become target rich environments for thieves and criminals to prey upon the Citizens of Lyon County. This growth and rise in crime confirms that we need to ramp up our efforts in Fernley to put these criminals where they belong, behind bars.

During my tenure with the Sheriff’s Office I have observed every Sheriff ask the Board of County Commissioners for more Deputies to put on the Streets. When finances allow, they say yes. My restructure plan adds 4 additional Deputies to the Patrol Division with no effect on the budgeted Deputies. Forward and outside the box thinking is what will be required for the Lyon County Sheriff’s Office to meet the growing demand for a law enforcement presence as Fernley grows at an exponential rate.

5. What are your thoughts on Nevada’s property tax and sales tax/Consolidated Tax (C-TAX) collection and distribution system and how they affect Fernley?

Throughout this campaign I have heard many debates, thoughts and strategies focused around C-tax and the effect it has on the City of Fernley. The accepted thought is that the City Of Fernley does not receive its fair share of C-Tax. The majority of the Candidates have stated they would use the increase in C-Tax to fund a Police Department. Currently the Sheriff’s Office provides nearly all of the Law Enforcement Duties in Fernley. (There is a Bailiff in the Justice Court and the City has a Marshall).

As your next Sheriff, I am not opposed to the City of Fernley having its own Police Department, and I will not speak against it. The Lyon County Sheriff’s Office would maintain a presence in Fernley as there are certain Duties the Sheriff’s Office are required to attend to.

7. How do you see the future of our State, County, and City of Fernley evolving?

I see Lyon County rapidly evolving from a bedroom community County, to a County where people remain for their entertainment, shopping and recreation. Lyon County is now the 3rd most populated County in the State and it will continue to grow at an exponential rate. With this population growth, and industry growth, public safety needs to grow as well. This growth can only be beneficial if public safety finds a way to keep pace with it, and stay ahead of crime trends that the growth brings.

The southern part of the State relies on tourism as its main industry and most likely always will. However I see the northern part of the State becoming an industrial and tech hub that will require tens of thousands of people to move to the area in a short amount of time. This influx of people will change the outlook of Northern Nevada, and its public safety demands. If we do not get ahead of it, it will not be positive for the quality of life of our Citizens

Lyon County District Attorney

Name: Troy Jordan

Party: Non-Partisan

1. Please provide a short biography and include anything voters might be able to use to research further (website, social media, etc.) –

I was raised in Eureka, Nevada and have lived in Nevada for approximately 32 years. I graduated with a dual degree in finance and economics from UNR. After college, I attended law school in San Diego. Thereafter, I returned to Nevada to practice law. I have been an attorney now for 18 years. 15 of those years I focused on criminal law.  I have seved as a prosecutor for the Elko County and Carson City District Attorneys’ offices and performed criminal work as a Senior Deputy Attorney General. I also spent several years in private practice handling criminal cases. With these experiences, I have handled every type of criminal case from traffic to first-degree murder. On the civil side, I have handled numerous civil matters while a Senior Deputy Attorney General, Senior Legal Counsel in the Employment Security Division, and in private practice. I have handled everything from small claims collections to complex litigation including a 40-million-dollar arbitration between the State and tobacco companies. In 2009, I decided to make Dayton and Lyon County my home with my wife, and later, my two children. For more information visit or follow me on Facebook at Troy Jordan for Lyon County District Attorney.

2. What are the key parts of your platform?

My platform starts with ending the “this is the way we have always done it” and “we can’t” leadership of the current administration. I am at a stage in my career where I am not afraid to fight for the programs and policies that will make Lyon County a better place to live in the next 20 years. I have a depth and breadth of legal experience in the public and private sectors that covers every single aspect of the functions performed by the District Attorney’s Office. Kicking the can down the road can no longer be the normal. This county looks nothing like it did 20 years ago nor do I expect it to look anything like it does now when 20 more years have passed. The new Lyon County requires a big-picture approach to criminal justice administration and county civil issues with a dose of good old common sense. I will promote my core belief that safe communities are prosperous communities. The safety of the community must always come first in making decisions. I will be a District Attorney for all communities in Lyon County, and available to all citizens, not just those that are politically connected.

3. What are your three biggest priorities if elected?

Public safety will always be the first and biggest priority. This includes focusing on repeat offenders, violent crimes, crimes against children, and crimes against businesses. It is only through ensuring our communities are safe that we prosper. My attorneys will end the delays in making charging decisions and deliver swift justice for our communities.

Giving a voice back to victims of crime is a second, important priority. Victims of crime deserve the utmost respect and care must be taken to ensure their voices are heard and needs are met. I will ensure that Lyon County expands its victim/witness services program by placing a victim advocate on staff. Lyon County is so far behind on this issue that even Storey County has put a victim advocate on staff despite having court only 4 times a month. Lyon County remains without one despite having court a minimum of 4 times a week in three different cities.

I will also stop the massive turnover problem that has plagued the District Attorney’s Office. The office has lost 11 attorneys in 8 years and it has bled into every aspect of public safety and contributed to case delays and a strained relationship with law enforcement.

4. How do you believe growth will affect our region, specifically Fernley?

With the continued expansion of the Tahoe Regional Industrial Center and a second industrial park now being developed near Fernley, growth in the county and the Fernley area is inevitable. When it comes to decisions on growth and expansion, I think it should be left up to the communities and their representatives. Growth will bring upticks in crime, traffic, water issues, and overcrowding. It is the job of our county and city officials to be forward thinking and prepare for these expansions in a smart and cost-effective manner that minimizes impacts to the tax payer.

5. What are your thoughts on Nevada’s property tax and sales tax/Consolidated Tax (C-TAX) collection and distribution system and how they affect Fernley?

The problem with the consolidated tax is two-fold, Fernley isn’t getting what they need, but also the whole of Lyon County isn’t being treated fairly. Fernley is at a disadvantage since the formula for distribution of funds was determined in 1997 and the City of Fernley wasn’t incorporated until 2001. Fernley has not been given an opportunity to be at the table to protect its own interests. I am told that Fernley is receiving $8.69 per person, while Yerington gets $175.04. In comparison Fallon gets $255.53 while Elko gets $784.43. Not only is Fernley getting the smaller portion in Lyon County, Lyon County itself is being shortchanged compared to other counties despite the fact we are now the 3rd largest county by population. In 2016, the City of Fernley filed a complaint seeking relief which was ultimately denied by Nevada Supreme Court. In 2017, legislation was attempted, but it didn’t make it out of committee. The formula clearly needs to be changed.

6. How do you see the future of our State, County, and City of Fernley evolving?

I think the best way our State, County and the City of Fernley can evolve and ensure a strong, successful future is to diversify our economy and keep our communities safe. Safe communities are prosperous communities. Businesses need to know that they have a supportive District Attorney that will hold those accountable that commit criminal acts against our businesses, property, and citizens.  When communities ae safe, businesses flourish, retail sales and tourism improve, and economies diversify making better communities for us all. The more diverse our economy, the better we are positioned to handle whatever the future throws at us.

Name: Stephen Rye

Party: Republican

1. Please provide a short biography and include anything voters might be able to use to research further (website, social media, etc.) – 200 word limit

I have lived in Lyon County since 1995. My wife Cherie and I have one daughter who attends college in Colorado. My legal career started as a law clerk for District Court Judge Archie Blake. I then went to work in the Lyon County District Attorney’s office where I worked from 1996 until 2006. I was in private practice in Yerington and other areas of rural Nevada from 2007 until 2012. I then returned to the District Attorney’s Office as Chief Deputy District Attorney. I was elected in 2014 and started as Lyon County District Attorney in January 2015. I have been honored and privileged to hold that office for two terms. I was born in California and went to college and law school in California. Prior to going to law school I worked in private industry in finance and accounting positions. I enjoy spending time with my wife and daughter, golfing, hiking, fishing and skiing. Please visit my website:

2. What are the key parts of your platform?

-Support law enforcement. The District Attorney’s Office should support the men and women in law enforcement so they may protect our communities. If reelected, I will continue to work with law enforcement to make sure they have the resources and access to the DA’s Office they want and need to do their jobs.

-Protect Constitutional Rights. We have recently seen an erosion of our Constitutional Rights, especially throughout the “pandemic.” Businesses were closed, people could not attend church and freedoms were restricted without consideration of our Constitution. I will fight against government overreach that restricts the right to bear arms, religious liberty, and the freedoms we cherish.

-Serve Victims. The District Attorney’s Office needs to connect victims with the resources to help them deal with the trauma of being a crime victim.

-Reverse damaging criminal justice reforms. The last several years have seen an attack on our law enforcement. I will work to: (1) make it easier to keep repeat and violent offenders in jail; (2) increase punishments for property crimes; (3) fight for laws that protect law enforcement. It is time that we go after criminals, not our law enforcement officers.

3 What are your three biggest priorities if elected?

-Connect victims of crime with services in Lyon County. I will enhance relationships with service providers and connect victims of crime with those services. This will be done by better coordination at the start of each case.

-Focus prosecution on violent crimes and property crimes. With the growth in Lyon County, the DA’s office must allocate its limited resources to the cases that have the biggest impact on community safety. This will be done by working closely with law enforcement to identify repeat offenders and make sure that cases are fully investigated for successful prosecution.

-Improve transparency and access to case information in the District Attorney’s Office. The public should be able to see what is happening in the District Attorney’s Office. It is important to allow crime victims and law enforcement access to their cases, either by talking to an attorney, staff member, or by being able to access their case online. This can happen with technology improvements in the district attorney’s office.

4. How do you believe growth will affect our region, specifically Fernley?

Growth will mean more opportunities and challenges. Opportunities include new industry, more jobs and more options for our residents. Challenges include managing that growth in a way that preserves what we want such as good public safety, less traffic and a rural or small town atmosphere. Additionally, providing government services to an increasing population can be a challenge. Government will need to make difficult choices on which services can be provided and how to deliver those in a cost effective and efficient manner. The District Attorney’s office will need to deal with increases in caseloads and more serious criminal activity. I will continue to work with the Fernley City Attorney and Municipal Court to make sure we respond in a positive way to the growth. It is an exciting time for Fernley and Lyon County as we become a center for growth and opportunity in Northern Nevada. As elected officials, we need to make sure the growth is managed and controlled in a manner that preserves the Lyon County way of life we all cherish.

5. What are your thoughts on Nevada’s property tax and sales tax/Consolidated Tax (C-TAX) collection and distribution system and how they affect Fernley?

Every system of taxation is perceived as fair or unfair, depending on one’s perspective, and Nevada’s system is no different. However, the system has worked in a manner that keeps taxes relatively low and allows allocations to the various government entities in Nevada.

Nevada has discussed smart common sense property tax reforms for decades. In the last real estate boom the Legislature adopted the tax cap, which limits the amount property taxes can increase on an annual basis. This was important to ensure that property tax is not so dependent on real estate fluctuations.

The consolidated tax distribution system has been upheld in court cases. It is not perfect, but it does provide an effective mechanism to share revenue with local governments, including counties and cities around the State. Lyon County has benefitted as a guaranteed county for years, and now because of growth it is relying on its own tax base. With smart growth and possibly minor tax changes, Nevada can continue to keep taxes low and provide essential government services.

7. How do you see the future of our State, County, and City of Fernley evolving?

Nevada, Lyon County and the City of Fernley will continue to grow. The State will continue to struggle with the disparate needs between urban and rural areas, and the large population in Clark County. Lyon County will continue to grow in population and added industrial and commercial development. Fernley will be the population center and industrial and commercial center in Lyon County. As a leader in industrial development, Fernley will be the location for jobs and services in Lyon County and the center attracting new businesses and new residents. Fernley will be an important city in Northern Nevada, providing much needed industrial and commercial business serving Lyon County, Nevada and the rest of the world. This responsible growth will also bring additional recreational opportunities, cultural activities, and service activities. State and local government services will be offered in more locations in Lyon County because of the growth in the different areas. The outlook for Lyon County and Fernley is positive.

Lyon County Clerk-Treasurer

Name: Erin Lopez

Party: Non-Partisan

1. Please provide a short biography and include anything voters might be able to use to research further (website, social media, etc.)

In the last 5 years working in the County Manager’s office, I have learned about the County Departments, how they operate, and seen how they all work together. It’s crucial to know how their operations collaborate with the Clerk’s department. To date, I have earned certifications as a notary, Certified Public Official, Public Management, Local Leaders Institute, and a member of the Nevada Clerk’s Association.

This is a position that you as a voter will appoint at the election. I have spent 5 years learning the duties of a clerk with the responsibilities delegated to me. It’s not for an elected party position. It’s a non-biased career opportunity to follow policy, procedures, and most importantly, County Ordinances and Nevada Revised Statutes. This person is the support system for those who make laws and decisions.

If elected, after my first term that will be almost a decade of experience. I will come back again and ask for your vote again. I want to win the next election after this and continue being the best investment. Four years is not enough for anyone, a career is a lifetime practice. Voting for someone with experience is important, making me an excellent investment for Lyon County.

Erin Lopez

Independent Candidate

Lyon County Clerk Treasurer




2. What are the key parts of your platform?

This is a position where it’s important to hear the voice and needs of the community. My election is based around that. For example, if there is need and desire for both electronic voting and paper ballots, then it’s important to not take away from the community when it’s their choice.

Secondly, there is a need to retain experience in Lyon County. Over the last 5 years I have seen a significant amount of turnover. There have been employees with decades of experience retiring. We need strong leadership with experience to help retain knowledge and assistance to the departments that are the support system to the county.

3. What are your three biggest priorities if elected?

My top priority is to provide support to the current staff. With the current Clerk/Treasurer retiring, it’s vitally important to provide staff with a knowledgeable leader. There’s so much that’s involved in that one office, several tasks that require a skilled person to help educate with ongoing demands. A person who will be there to find the answer and work alongside them. Who’s monitoring record retention, business and liquor licenses, agendas and minutes,  tax collection, and the list goes on. The Clerk has oversight over all these things and experience matters.

I believe it’s going to take at least 2 years to start to feel adequate in the new position. I’m dedicating my time to gaining more knowledge and experience in the position. The Clerk’s office is an undertaking to master and I don’t believe 4 years is enough. It’s a lifetime practice to master. At this time, I only have 2 goals, to be a leader and to keep on learning.

7. How do you see the future of our State, County, and City of Fernley evolving?


We have seen a significant uptick in the amount of people who have moved into Lyon County. What we haven’t seen is the increase of funds. We are asking for more and have less to give. It’s important that those who are elected/appointed understand the full complexity of the infrastructure of Lyon County.

Name: Staci Lindberg

Party: Republican

1. Please provide a short biography and include anything voters might be able to use to research further:


Facebook link on Website

Endorsements on Website

I am a third-generation lifetime resident of Lyon County. I have 22 years of business management and 37 years of public service to Lyon County from the private sector. I hold a certificate in Supervisory Skills for Women as well as Time Management. I have years of experience in accounting, account servicing, real estate transactions, trustee services, projections, and budgeting in the private sector of which I plan to apply all my skills to assist the taxpayers of Lyon County

2, What are the key parts of your platform?

Expand services offered by the office into other parts of the county with higher population

Manage office with customer service at the forefront of all interactions

Expand voter poll location to better serve our increasing populations

Work to purge voter rolls for cleaner registration records

Reform Tax sales to better serve our County and entice buyers to increase successful tax sales of abandoned properties.

Be the voice of the taxpayers to local and state lawmakers

Serve the taxpayers of our County by being the Who? What? Why? Lyon County Clerk Treasurer

  1. Whodoes this process or tax benefit?
  2. Whydo you think this will be good for the taxpayers of our county?
  3. Whatinput have you received from the taxpayers regarding this decision?

Educate myself as to the current process and procedures as outlined by NRS which governs this office to avert liability on behalf of the office.

3. What are your three biggest priorities if elected?

Add Poll locations throughout the county to provide more access to our voters in hopes to increase voter turnout.

Provide representation to all taxpayers of our County by being a voice to lawmakers.

Learn, Audit, and develop all services offered by this office, with public service as my priority.

4. How do you believe growth will affect our region, specifically Fernley?

I do believe Fernley is already experiencing some of the growing pains that will need to be addressed in upcoming years. In my position as Clerk Treasurer, I see the need for this office to work closely with the city officials to serve the needs of this community. I see the strain now on emergency services and policing and look forward to the opportunity to see what this office can do to assist the city in their endeavors to better serve its citizens. I do see an immediate need for polling locations and licensing services in the area.

Lyon County Recorder

Name: Anita Talbot

Party: Republican

1. Please provide a short biography and include anything voters might be able to use to research further (website, social media, etc.)

Hello, I’m Anita Talbot and I’m a candidate for Lyon County Recorder. I am a long time Republican and a longtime resident of Lyon County. My 16 years’ experience working for Lyon County has prepared me to be the County’s next Recorder. I worked 10 years in the Recorder’s Office and I am currently in the Clerk/Treasurer’s Office. I’ve had the pleasure of working under great leadership and they’ve taught me what it takes to be a great leader. I was fortunate to work under the past three County Recorders. I started in the Recorder’s Office as a Deputy Clerk and then obtained the position of Transfer Tax Auditor. I am fully capable of performing all duties as Lyon County Recorder. My goals for the office will be to provide great customer service. With technology constantly evolving I’m determined to keep the office up to date with these changes. The addition of an electronic recording station in Dayton and the one coming soon to Fernley are examples of the changes taking place. These recording stations are very convenient for the residents of rural communities. The Recorder’s Office has a software program that is equipped to handle the growth that is inevitable in Lyon County. I would like to complete the recording notification system that is also in the works. This will be a great tool that will help deter any fraudulent recording activity from occurring on a person’s property. The Recorder’s Office records various types of documents which include land records, mining documents, marriage records, and maps, to name a few. The office is responsible for collecting recording fees and real property transfer tax. The office is not just recording documents and collecting the required fees and taxes, the office also preserves these records for future generations. Being able to produce a true and legible copy of the records is also required of the office. I have proven to be an experienced, dependable, and hardworking employee for Lyon County. I would appreciate your support and be honored to serve as the next Lyon County Recorder.

Name: Christine Smith

Party: Nonpartisan

1. Please provide a short biography and include anything voters might be able to use to research further (website, social media, etc.)

I was born and raised in Yerington, in Lyon County. I moved away for a few years – first to Hawthorne where I met my husband of 38 years and then to Reno then back to Yerington to raise our son. I worked for Title Service and Escrow Company from 1995 to 2000 as a Collection’s Agent and a Foreclosure Agent. In December of 2000 I was hired in the Comptroller’s office as, at first, an Administrative Assistant, then an HR Assistant and finally a Payroll Specialist. In 2019 I moved to the Recorder’s Office as the Chief Deputy Recorder.

I’ve always thrived in a small-town atmosphere. The laid-back vibe of Yerington, Fernley, Dayton, Silver Springs, Silver City, Stagecoach, and Mound House have people that live there courteous and shows caring towards the families that live in Lyon County.

I just want all the citizens in Lyon County to know I take my working in the public sector very serious and would appreciate your vote on November 8th for Lyon County Recorder.

2. What are the key parts of your platform?

I would like to see a station in outlying areas of Yerington to record documents recorder by the Lyon County Recorder’s Office. The Recorder’s Office already has a station in Dayton for remote recording.

See about finding more monies to restore more of the historical books to keep the history of Lyon County in usable forms.

The Recorder’s Office is lead by the Nevada Revised Statues on the aspects in recording of documents.

3. What are your three biggest priorities if elected?

  1. Remote stations for recording.
  2. Restore historical documents held in the Recorder’s Office storage facility.
  3. Educating the public what documents are recorded in the Recorder’s Office and how to obtain unofficial copies for fee. If official copies are required, you may get those from the Recorder’s Office for $1.00 per page.

4. How do you believe growth will affect our region, specifically Fernley?

As more and more companies come onto USA Parkway, more and more families will need a place to live. Lyon County (Fernley and Dayton) will be bedroom communities hosting those workers. As Fernley grows in population more and more facilities will need to be available to those families. With growth will come more revenue and that eventually will create more amenities to Fernley and Lyon County. The Lyon County Recorder’s Office will be there for the growth to record those documents needed for homes for the Fernley growth which in turn will become increased revenue to Fernley through property taxes.

5. How do you see the future of our State, County, and City of Fernley evolving?

As Lyon County grows and more homes are erected Lyon County Recorder’s Office will record more documents creating more revenue from real estate taxes for Lyon County and Fernley to create more amenities for City of Fernley citizens.

I would like to leave this interview with thanks and appreciation to get out and vote for a candidate that will do the best job for Lyon County and City of Fernley citizens. I, Christine Smith, would be humbled by your vote on November 8th for Lyon County Recorder.

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