Craven Lucien Tetreault

Dear family, dear friends,
We are very sad to announce the passing of our beloved son, Craven Lucien Tetreault, which occurred August 3, 2022 at the age of 15 years.  
Craven passed away after a brief illness. He had just graduated Silverland Middle School (8th Grade). He loved creating puppets and making YouTube videos with his creations. He enjoyed playing Minecraft. Additionally, he liked building forts with his neighborhood/school friends. Craven was also a volunteer at Joy Church, as he enjoyed helping in the children’s ministry and mentoring the younger children.
Craven was born in Columbus, MS on 26 May 2007
Biological Father’s Name: Theodore Edmond Tetreault​
Mother’s Name: Deana A. Tetreault
Parents in Panama City Beach, FL:
Biological Mother’s Name:  Katherine Ann Channel Castro
Father’s Name:  Leroy Stratton
Survived by:  
Six sisters:  Raven A. Tetreault (30 – MA), Michaela C. Tetreault (26 – MA), Madison A. Holman (23 – NV), Chantelle C. Tetreault (22 – NV), Kimberly A. Tootill (26 – FL), and Kira L. Powers (23 – FL)
Seven brothers:  Aaron M. Briggs (26 – NV), Zachariah Weier (24 – ID), Donivan R. Tetreault (23 – NV), Greylen M. Tetreault (20 – NV), Caib T. Tetreault (19 – NV), Charles C. Tetreault (16 – NV), and Christian W. Powers (22 – FL)
One Niece:  Haley L. Holman (5 – NV)
Two Nephews:  Bentley C Briggs (4 – NV) & Samuel R. Tetreault (3 – CA)
Grandfather:  Theodore C. Tetreault (MA)
Grandmother:  Shirley Haney (OR)
Grandmother:  Anna Morris (Puerto Rico)
Uncles:  Robert H. Tetreault (TX), Rene L. Harding Jr. (MA)
Aunts:  Chantal D. Harding (MA), Tara M. Harding (MA), Jessica Tetreault (MA), Rachel Botelho (MA)
And several cousins
Preceded in death by:
Grandmother:  Theresa R. Harding – 2010
Grandfather:  Rene L. Harding – 2010
Grandfather:  Frank C. Morris (USMC) – 2012
Grandmother:  Ginger Tetreault – 2017
Grandfather:  Jack R. Haney – 2021
Uncle:  Michael G. Harding – 2005
Uncle:  John Shaffer – 2007
There will be a celebration of life/memorial for Craven 
Location:  Joy Church – 4120 US Highway 50, Fernley, NV 89408
Date:  03 September 2022
Time: 10:00 AM – 1:00 PM

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