The Fernley Reporter reaches content sharing agreement with The Nevada Independent

Robert Perea, The Fernley Reporter

The ultimate goal of The Fernley Reporter is to cover the news that is important to the people of Fernley.

But sometimes, that news happens far south of the Truckee-Carson Irrigation District Canal, or west of Exit 46.

That’s why The Fernley Reporter is proud to announce a new content sharing agreement with The Nevada Independent, a news and opinion website founded by veteran political journalist and commentator Jon Ralston. The Nevada Independent launched Jan. 17, 2017 and has put together a team of some of the best reporters and columnists in the state.


The Fernley Reporter is one of several rural news organizations that have reached agreement to provide news content from The Nevada Independent, and was the first rural Nevada news organization to post a Nevada Independent story. The Nevada Independent has also reached agreement with the Battle Born media chain, which includes Mesquite Local News, The Ely Times, The Eureka Sentinel, The Lincoln County Record, The Mineral County Independent-News, and The Sparks Tribune.

The Fernley Reporter will publish news stories from the Nevada Independent that are of statewide interest and importance. I hope readers will find value in reading stories about state government, politics, business and education that happen in Carson City, Las Vegas or anywhere else in Nevada that would otherwise be difficult, if not impossible, for the Fernley Reporter to cover.

The Fernley Reporter welcomes reader feedback about this service, and that readers also take advantage of the direct access to The Nevada Independent and its content.

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