Silverland 8th grade boys win Sagebrush track title, other three teams place second

Six athletes represented Silverland Middle School in the Sagebrush League Hex meet in Dayton. Pictured are (left to right) J.R. Reyes, Joe Mendoza, Lucas Jurich, Linette Rodriquez, Angelina Valles and Willow Jacobson.

The Fernley Reporter

Capping a season with many spectacular performances, the Silverland Middle School 8th grade boys track team won the Sagebrush League championship, bringing home a plaque. The 7th grade girls and boys, along with the 8th grade girls took second place.

More than a hundred athletes pushed themselves for personal bests, as well as breaking personal records.

“Our relay teams were fabulous with many athletes winning medals and ribbons throughout the meets,” coach Lori Rieger said. “All athletes were asked to perform at their best even if they didn’t know the event well and they did just that.”


Seventh grader Jake Cummings broke a Sagebrush League record in the high jump at 5’4”, breaking the previous record of 5’3”.

Many athletes brought home many ribbons and medals all season.

This season Silverland Middle School was lucky to add additional coaching staff Dennis Fulton and Shari Whalen. Coaches Rieger and Jenkins were grateful for the help.

“A special thank you to Ryan Jenkins for his support provided throughout this season,” Rieger said. “We are all very proud of everyone’s accomplishments and look forward to next year’s season.”

Six athletes shined at the end of the year HEX meet May 17 in Dayton. The Hex meet consists of six grueling events: high jump, shot put, hurdles, 100 meters, 400 meters and 1,600 meters.

Representing Silverland was J.R. Reyes, who placed 10th overall and first in the shot put; Joe Mendoza, first overall and first in the 400 meters; Lucas Jurich, second overall and first in the 1,600; Linette Rodriquez, 18th overall; Angelina Valles, 11th overall; and Willow Jacobson, first overall and first in the 1600.

“What a great experience and way to end a good season,” Rieger said.

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