Sheriff gives more details on Fernley school incidents

Robert Perea, The Fernley Reporter

Speaking at Wednesday’s Fernley City Council meeting, Lyon County Sheriff Al McNeil provided additional details regarding the student who brought a gun to Silverland Middle School on Monday, and on the rumors of a school shooting at Fernley High School.

A Silverland Middle School student on Monday reported to a teacher that another student had a gun in a backpack. The teacher passed on the report to school administrators, who found the gun in a backpack in the student’s locker. Lyon County School District officials said the student had gone target shooting over the weekend and forgotten to take the gun out of the backpack.

McNeil said the sheriff’s office’s school resource officer responded immediately to the school and took possession of the weapon. He said there was no threat to students, the community or deputies.


“The young lad is currently housed at detention facility,” McNeil said. “The school’s hands are tied and our hands are tied.”

In the Fernley High School incident, McNeil said a student reported having a “premonition” that a school shooting was going to happen Friday. A rumor began circulating that a shooting was going to take place, but McNeil said his department found no credible threat.

“We’ll have our school resource officer there because that’s a service we provide,” McNeil said. “Our school resource officers completely understand that if they hear a comment, to take immediate action.”

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