One new Lyon County COVID-19 cases reported Wednesday

Robert Perea, The Fernley Reporter

One new case of COVID-19 and three recoveries were reported Wednesday in Lyon County by the Quad-County Emergency Operations Center.

The new case is a man in his 40s with no connection to a previously reported case.

In the Quad-County region, there were five new cases and 16 recoveries reported Wednesday.


There have been 150 total cases in Lyon County, with 115 recoveries and two deaths.

As of 6 p.m. July 15, 69 cases have been in the 89408 zip code, according to Carson City Health and Human Services and the Quad-County EOC. The breakdown of cases by zip code within the Quad-County region is available at

In all, there have now been 479 total cases, 338 recoveries and eight deaths in the Quad-County region. Seventeen Quad-County residents are currently hospitalized due to COVID-19.

3 thoughts on “One new Lyon County COVID-19 cases reported Wednesday

  • Michael Huse

    I really wish when you report the latest Covid-19 cases that you would, not only, the result in Lyon County but also the individual cities that have an occurrence. More important for those of us in the cities rather than learn about the county. Thank You.

    M. L. Huse

    • Robert Perea

      The numbers are not provided by city. They are provided by zip code, and I include the link to that list, but it’s not really an accurate breakdown, because there are zip codes that overlap counties.

  • Carol Totten

    Keep in mind too that due to testing insufficiency, reporting inconsistencies and symptom manifestation delays, the actual number of infections be up to 10 times that reported.


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