Officers aim to stop upward trend of pedestrian deaths

Courtesy NHP

The number of pedestrian deaths in 2017 was 100 statewide per the FARS preliminary report, an increase of 20 from 2016. Beginning March 19th through March 31, 2018, the Joining Forces law enforcement team statewide will be issuing citations to pedestrians and motorists who are breaking traffic safety laws.

Nevada state law requires pedestrians to use sidewalks, crosswalks and pedestrian bridges and obey all traffic-control signs and signals. If there is no sidewalk, pedestrians must walk on the left side of the street, facing traffic. For motorists, they must yield to pedestrians and avoid passing vehicles that are stopped for pedestrians.

The Nevada Highway Patrol would like to remind drivers to slow down, pay attention and look for those on foot. Drivers are also reminded to stop for walkers when they are crossing the street.


The Nevada Department of Public Safety, Office of Traffic Safety advises motorists and pedestrians to share the road, stay alert and aware of your surroundings, and abide by laws designed to protect all road users.

More information about the law and safe behaviors for both pedestrians and drivers is available on the Zero Fatalities website at

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