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McIntyre leads in mayor’s race; Hanan, Lau, Pope lead in other races

Robert Perea, The Fernley Reporter

The Lyon County clerk/treasurer’s office released updated vote totals Wednesday night.

The following are the updated totals.

Fernley Mayor: McIntyre 3,841 (55.94 percent), Edgington 3,025 (44.06 percent)


Fernley City Council Ward 1: Hanan 817 (56.74 percent), Lacy 623 (43.26 percent)

Fernley City Council Ward 3: Lau 620 (57.30 percent), Bickerton 462 (42.70 percent)

Lyon County Sheriff: Pope 10,988 (52.16 percent), Hunewill 10,079 (47.84 percent)

Lyon County District Attorney: Rye 16,196 (73.33 percent), Jordan 5,889 (26.67)

Lyon County Clerk/Treasurer: Lindberg 16,296 (74.05 percent), Lopez 5,711 (25.95 percent)

Fernley Swimming Pool GID: Smith 3,007 (35.15 percent), Prouty 2,857 (33.40 percent), Music 2,690 (31.45 percent)

Lyon County Recorder: Talbot 16,011 (73.08 percent), Smith 5,889 (26.92 percent)

Lyon County School Board District 4: Hendrix 11,653 (61.03 percent), Jones 7,441 (38.97 percent)

Lyon County School Board District 7: Hogan 12,167 (65.45 percent), McIntyre II 6,423 (34.55 percent)

North Lyon County Fire Protection District Question 1: Yes 3,833 (52.91 percent, No 3,412 (47.09 percent

Original story

With late drop-off and mail-in ballots still remaining to be counted, Neal McIntyre appears to be on the way to becoming the fifth mayor in Fernley’s history, while Brad Pope has a leg up in becoming new Lyon County sheriff.

In addition, Ryan Hanan and Stan Lau both lead by about 10 percentage points in the race for two city council seats.

Lyon County clerk/treasurer Nikki Bryan has not responded to an inquiry about how many ballots remain uncounted, but ballots dropped off in Fernley and Dayton Tuesday were delivered to the clerk’s office with the election day ballots, and those drop-off ballots were not opened Tuesday night. Ballots are delivered from the polling locations to the county clerk’s office by sheriff’s deputies.

Long lines were reported at several polling locations when polls were scheduled to close at 7 p.m. Tuesday, including in Fernley. The last poll closed around 9:30 p.m. No county can release results until the last poll in the state is closed.

Lyon County’s results were released about 1:30 a.m. Wednesday.

In the race for mayor, McIntyre leads incumbent Roy Edgington with 56.9 percent of the vote, with 2,750 votes for McIntyre and 2,080 votes for Edgington.

Hanan leads Ray Lacy in the City Council Ward 1 race, with 575 votes to 444 for Lacy. In Ward 3, Lau holds a narrow lead over Tim Bickerton, who has vowed to resign and allow the council to select a replacement. Lau has 421 votes, while there are 338 votes for Bickerton.

The vote is nearly equally split on the North Lyon County Fire Protection District ballot question that would allow the district to extend its current property tax levy of .3038 for 30 years beyond the June 30, 2025 sunset date and levy an additional 4 cents per $100 of assessed valuation for 30 years. There are 2,610 Yes votes so far, and 2,474 No votes.

Brad Pope holds a lead over incumbent Frank Hunewill by 400 votes in the race for Lyon County sheriff. Pope received 7,576 while Hunewill received 7,176.
Both Lyon County Commission races featured unopposed candidates, since no Democrat ran for either seat. Scott Keller will be the new county commissioner in District 2, and in District 5, Dave Hockaday was also unopposed and will retain his seat.
Assessor Troy Villines also wins an unopposed reelection.
Staci Lindbergh will be the new county clerk/treasurer, leading Erin Lopez with 11,830 votes for Lindbergh to 3,524 for Lopez.
Steve Rye won re-election as district attorney with 11,118 votes so far, to 3,587 for Troy Jordan.
The race for recorder was equally one-sided, with Anita Talbot leading Christine Smith, 11,724 votes to 3,577.
In the races for The Lyon County School District Board of Trustees, Tom Hendrix has the lead over incumbent Barbara Jones, with Mike Hogan leading Neal McIntyre II to keep the seat he was appointed to earlier this year. In District 4, Hendrix has 8,696 votes to 4,858 for Jones. In District 7, Hogan leads McIntyre 8,578 to 4,635.
The race for two seats on the Fernley Swimming Pool GID is extremely close, with all three candidates within 117 votes. Patricia Smith leads with 2,161 votes, followed by Suzanne Prouty with 2,113 and Michael Music third with 2,044.

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