Letter to the Editor

To the editor:

As if we needed a reminder, the recent christening of the Lyon County courtrooms, jail, and sheriff’s office as the “Donald J. Trump Justice Complex” is yet another example of the sad state of politics in Lyon County. Personally, I find naming a justice complex after a committed enemy of justice and the rule of law beyond ironic. The very idea is laughable, if it wasn’t so serious.

I also realize many of my fellow Lyon County residents feel differently, and in fact hold the exact opposite opinion of the ex-president. Debating strongly held differences is a project for another day, but we just might agree that as things now stand our current “discourse” is making mincemeat of the unspoken bonds that hold us, our way of life, and our system of government together—despite our differences.

And how should a reasonable, responsible County Commission react to this situation? How about remembering you serve all the people of Lyon County, not just the ones who voted for you, and certainly not that fraction who would applaud as you throw gasoline on the fire?


I understand the political benefits of catering to the followers of Donald Trump, who seem to constitute a majority of Republicans in our county. But at what cost? Making a play for short-term political favor has long-term consequences. The Commissioners’ brazen partisan move—naming a building after a political figure admired by some but detested by many others—is a slap in the face for those taxpayers who helped pay for the building but don’t share in the admiration of its new namesake. It also begs the question of whether a justice system submitting to the aggrandizement of such a legally controversial figure, and conducting business literally under his name, can treat anyone fairly.

I’ve lived in Lyon County for almost forty years. I’ve been active in community affairs, and served many years on our town’s Citizen Advisory Board. Believe me, there was a time when county commissioners took doing their job—making life better for everyone in the county—more seriously than their personal political ambitions, or pleasing the ideologues in their party.

Returning to those days would be a pleasant change. There is an election coming, and maybe something can be done. How about it, Lyon County?

Erich Obermayr

Chair, Comstock Democratic Club  

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