LCSD serves over 175,000 meals to children during remote distance learning

Lyon County School District employees prepare meals for delivery to students.

Courtesy Erika Cowger, Lyon County School District

Beginning on March 16, Lyon County School District students and the students of all Nevada schools were asked to stay home – a measure taken by our government leadership in response to the world health crisis surrounding the Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19).

With the uncertainty surrounding how long the stay-at-home distance learning would be in place, LCSD Nutrition Services and LCSD Transportation quickly devised a plan to keep the children of the Lyon County community fed – this included any child under the age of 18, even if they were not a student of LCSD. One day later, on Tuesday, March 17, meals were on their way to the children of the community. For the first few weeks, LCSD Transportation, with the support LCSD Nutrition Services and other LCSD staff, delivered meals to bus stops throughout the county, where children would receive their meals. When restrictions from the government called for stricter operations, LCSD persevered and found a way to continue feeding children in the Lyon County communities. Eleven locations in the five communities – Dayton, Fernley, Silver Springs, Smith and Yerington – were set up to handle the vast amount of families seeking meals for their children. Since March, more than 175,000 meals were handed out by LCSD – 178,098 to be exact. 

That is 178,098 times where a child in the LCSD community was fed, their family hopefully felt supported and hopefully they knew they were missed and loved by LCSD.


The closing act to the LCSD Spring 2020 semester was strange, different, new, like nothing any student, staff or family had ever experienced, but LCSD hopes that having meals as an option was a ray of sunshine, if even a small one, in this world of uncertainty.  

Special shout out to LCSD Nutrition Services, Transportation and other LCSD staff who supported the meals effort during these last few months.

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