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Free CERT Academy will address emergency planning for people with disabilities and special needs

The Fernley Reporter


North Lyon County Fire’s free October 6-15, 2016 CERT Academy will address Emergency Planning for Persons with Disabilities and Special Needs so they too can develop self-sufficiency during a Mass Casualty Incident given a limited ability to see, hear, or move.

As only one example, persons trapped in a building that has sustained structural damage would be trained on and offered an opportunity to discuss different methods to communicate with CERT members and other First Responders. North Lyon County Fire’s CERT Program also has a braille copy of FEMA’s CERT Academy Student Manual.

Those that have disabilities and special needs and are considering attending the CERT Academy should contact CERT Coordinator, Ron Johnny, at the District’s Headquarters/Fire Station 61, 195 East Main Street, Fernley, or by calling (775) 575-3310, or by emailing, or by faxing to (775) 575-3314.


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