Four Fernley schools receive 3-star ratings

Robert Perea, The Fernley Reporter

Four of Fernley’s six schools received 3 stars in the state’s accountability rating for the 2018-19 school year announced in September.

Fernley High School was the highest scoring of the city’s six schools, with a 3-star rating and an index score of 64. That rating is down from the 4-star rating with an index score of 74 last year. Fernley High School did not receive a rating in 2016-17, because that year computer problems kept many high school students from completing their state-mandated assessments.

East Valley Elementary, Fernley Intermediate and Silverland Middle School each also earned 3-star ratings.


For East Valley, the rating was an increase from last year’s 2-star rating, but the school was rated 4 stars in 2016-17.

Fernley Intermediate, which was also rated 4 stars in 2016-17, earned a 3-star rating for the second consecutive year.

Silverland likewise was rated 3 stars for the second consecutive year, after a 2-star rating in 2016-17.

Fernley Elementary, which was rated 3 stars last year, was rated 2 stars for 1018-19, while Cottonwood Elementary was rated 2 stars for third straight year.

Lyon County’s highest rated school this year is Silver Stage High School with 4 stars, and a total index score of 72.7. It was a 3-star school last year.

Two Lyon County schools received 1 star – Yerington Elementary, and Smith Valley Middle School. Although Smith Valley is a K-12 school, it receives separate elementary, middle and high school ratings.

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  • Evelyn Knight

    Zoo’n Around Preschool in Fernley recieved 4 Stars through the state.


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