Fernley Reporter Election Guide: Lyon County School Board positions

For the upcoming general election, Robert Perea, publisher of The Fernley Reporter, and Cody Wagner, Chair of the Fernley Community Foundation, have teamed up to gather information from local candidates to help educate voters throughout our region. A series of prompts and questions were emailed to primary candidates through their email addresses listed with the Nevada Secretary of State. Responses were not edited for content, punctuation, or grammar. Candidates are listed by position, then alphabetically by last name. Portions of responses not pertinent to the candidate’s position on the question and attacks on other individuals were removed to support the integrity of this publication.  We will update this story as candidates submit their responses.

Lyon County School Board Trustee, District IV

Name: Barbara Jones

1. Please provide a short biography and include anything voters might be able to use to research further (website, social media, etc.)


I initially ran for the school board position because I could see that if we want a good future for ourselves and our children, we must provide the best well-rounded education possible! Being a  school board trustee is truly my heart in action!

Much of my  life has been dedicated to raising children; my younger sisters, my own children, and many others along the way. Two of the children I helped raise had faced the traumatic loss of their mother. I fostered an infant born addicted to methamphetamines and heroin as well. The two children have grown to become amazing young adults, the infant is now a smart and loving ten year old.

I have offered my support and knowledge to many young adults who did not have the best upbringing. Helping them find the right track to becoming

productive adults with integrity.

My educational background is in Counseling/Psychology and Sociology. I am an intelligent, logical, deep thinking person who has great concern for the future of our children and community.

In my four years being a trustee, I have completed many certification programs and training pertinent to being an effective board member.

Between my life experience and my educational background I am a perfect candidate for this position.

2. What are the key parts of your platform?

3. What are your three biggest priorities if elected?

My priorities moving forward include:

1) Physical and emotional safety of our students and staff. While we have taken many measures to keep safety a priority, the world is changing quickly. I will work closely with local agencies to promote the best possible environments for our district.

2) Working alongside our directors of education to source a history curriculum that teaches from historical accuracy. Our country was founded on great ideas, but as a young nation errors were made.

Teaching from a historically accurate curriculum helps to keep us from making the same mistakes that were made in the past. “Those that fail learn from history are doomed to repeat it.”

3) Ensuring that our district continues teaching from a forward thinking curriculum base so that our students can stay current and competitive in the ever changing job market. Our “Portrait of a Learner” is the first step in creating a learning environment that supports this idea.

4. How do you believe growth will affect our region, specifically Fernley?

We have seen tremendous growth in Lyon County in recent years, and it does not seem to be slowing down anytime soon. This has a direct impact on who we are as a community. This growth has brought in many fine people. It had also brought in others that would threaten our rural way of life.

Increased crime, drugs, and just the general influence of those who have very different ways from ours have already had a negative impact in our area.

The school district is directly impacted by these factors as well. With the influx of people/children who have different ideals and standards, the teachers who work diligently to educate our children are facing new and troubling issues in the classroom. Making their job much more difficult and stressful.

This makes it imperative that we attract the best educators and administration possible, and that we are able to retain them. As a community we must come together and brainstorm ways to keep Lyon County the place we love.

5. How do you see the future of our State, County, and City of Fernley evolving?

Honestly I am a bit nervous about the future of our county and state. There is much division between the political parties, which trickles down to the county and community levels.

There has been an increase in disrespect and ugliness in general across America, sadly our state, district, and communities are not exempt from this.

We need to rediscover a place of common goals in order to move forward in a more positive direction. This begins in each and every home, business, and institution in Nevada.

I remember as a child singing “Home means Nevada”. I truly desire reclaiming that innocence of heart, not only for myself but for all Nevadans

We are all facing many adversities, getting back to who we are and what we love about our communities…  Our deep rooted sense of belonging, our compassion for others, and our drive for what is right and good is the future I hope to see. It is a future we can strive for and work together towards. It is what makes us Nevadans at heart; fierce, strong, connected, good neighbors who look out for each other!

Name: Tom Hendrix

1. Please provide a short biography and include anything voters might be able to use to research further (website, social media, etc.)

I moved to Nevada over 50 years ago. I attended schools in Lyon and Washoe County. I married my wife, who was born and raised in Yerington, almost 40 years ago.

I started a career in construction working for my father’s company. I spent a number of years with him before joining the Operating Engineers. While working in that capacity I attended community college and took a number of courses in math and computer science. I progressed through the ranks of equipment operator, grade setter and foreman on my way to becoming a superintendent.

I learned the value of working with others and how vital teamwork is to accomplishing a goal. I also learned how to manage large complex budgets and do cost analysis and projections of future costs as the projects progressed.

I have a website I also have a Facebook page Hendrix for Lyon county school board.

2. What are the key parts of your platform?

I believe parents have the ultimate authority over decisions that involve their children. Parents want what is best for the children. They should be given the opportunity to be involved at every turn because they are their children.

I believe we should be teaching traditional history, civics and the constitution as it is written. Recently there seems to be new versions of history that are being presented as an alternative. These have been challenged by numerous historians, yet they still seem to gain ground in the media.

I oppose CRT, and although it is not a core study in our county we must constantly be aware that tenets of it can possibly find their way into our textbooks.

I do not believe that our teachers or our school district should try to impose a social standard on our children. Those values have been traditionally taught at home and are unique to each family. Although there are certain standards that society is based on I still believe the values in each family should be left to the parent.

I believe we have the greatest country on the planet, although we are not perfect and can always improve by looking back at our history and trying not to repeat our mistakes. I believe our children should be proud of our country.

3. What are your three biggest priorities if elected?

Making sure the parents are aware of the decisions that are being made in our school district and given every opportunity to be involved. I believe their voice is important and necessary.

The shortage of teachers, support staff and bus drivers are issues that have been around for years. I believe addressing  these needs to be a priority. It is negatively impacting the students and the parents as well as creating safety issues.

Maintaining and upgrading basic systems at schools across our county should also be prioritized.

4. How do you believe growth will affect our region, specifically Fernley?

Our county is experiencing substantial growth. This is challenging to the school district as far as obtaining funding for new facilities and staff to meet the needs of the children.

There are limits imposed by NRS on what developers are required to contribute. There is a tremendous gap between what developers can be charged and what is required to fund the education of a child. Addressing this at a state level could help alleviate the burden on local districts.

5. How do you see the future of our State, County, and City of Fernley evolving?

I hope to see Nevada stay unique and true to its heritage. There are many rural communities across our state and the metropolitan areas of Washoe and Las Vegas. There is a vast difference between the two and I hope they can work together to keep Nevada an attractive destination for those seeking alternatives

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