Seidl reelected, McKay wins Ward 5, McCassie to face Parsons in November

10:55 p.m. UPDATE

By virtue of winning with more than 50 percent of the total votes cast, Fernley City Councilwoman Sue Seidl was reelected to her Ward 4 seat, while Fran McKay ran away with the Ward 5 seat.

Both Seidl and McKay win election without having to advance to the November General election because they received more than 50 percent of the total votes in their races.

In Ward 2, incumbent Dan McCassie won with 193 votes, or 42.23 percent, and he will face Donald Parsons in the November general election. Parsons finished second with 135 votes (29.54 percent), narrowly edging Angela Lewis (129, 28.23 percent) to advance to the general election.


Seidl maintains her Ward 4 seat after receiving 144 votes, 52.94 percent. Boyd Danks was second with 90 votes, 33.09 percent, while Jeremy Stehwien was third with 38 votes, 13.97 percent.

McKay won the Ward 5 seat with 173 votes, for 55.45 percent, while Jamie Rodriguez was second with 68 votes, 21.79 percent, William Shattuck was third with 38 votes (12.18 percent) and Archie Robinson received 33 votes (10.58 percent).

In the two Lyon County Commission races up for grabs, Ken Gray defeated incumbent Ray Fierro by 249 votes to win the District 3 race, while incumbent Bob Hastings beat John Cassinelli by 337 votes to win the District 1 seat.

Gray, of Dayton, received 1,839 votes, for 47.08 percent, while Fierro, also of Dayton, received 1,590, 40.71 percent and Charles Shirley of Stagecoach received 477 votes, 12.21 percent.

Hastings, of Dayton, received 2,100 votes, 54.36 percent, while Cassinelli, of Dayton, received 1,763 votes, 45.64 percent.

Commission chairman Joe Mortensen of Fernley was unopposed for the District 4 seat.

The commission races were decided in the primary election because of a new law, Senate Bill 499, passed in the last session of the legislature that provides for only the winner of each party’s primary election to advance to the general election. Because all five candidates for the two seats were Republicans, that means the two primary winners would be unopposed and will not have to run in the general election next November.



Early voting totals are in for the three city council races.

In Ward 2, Dan McCassie has 99 votes, Donald Parsons 75 and Angela Lewis 68.

In Ward 4, Sue Seidl 57, Boyd Danks 54, Jeremy Stehwien 25.

In Ward, Fran McKay 85, Jamie Rodriguez 36, William Shattuck 20,  Archie Robinson 15.

Updates will be posted as totals are announced.

One thought on “Seidl reelected, McKay wins Ward 5, McCassie to face Parsons in November

  • Cal Eilrich, Councilman Ward 5

    Congratulations! To Fran McKay for winning Ward 5. It will be an honor to turn the seat over to her in November.

    Also, Congratulations to Sue Seidl for retaining the Ward 4 Seat. She does a very thorough job and cares about those she represents, and deserved to be reelected.

    Thank You to ALL that put your name forward to run for the City Council as candidates. That in itself shows a great commitment and service to your community.


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